• Our Stand (Meme)

    C'mon bro, the mallets took like 5 stands... #BandHumor, #BandMemes, #MusicStands
  • Get Ready For It... (Meme)

    Shout out to the flutes today!Come on in and check out our woodwind shirts: #Ban...
  • Shout out to the BariSax!

      Show some love to the Bari Sax player in your life, with a "Bari 1" shirt:

    It's very hot these days, so if you're out there for band camp, make sure you bring at least 2 water bottles, or a 1 liter refillable bottle. #Ban...
  • $5 Discount on T-shirts!

    Even though many schools are shutting down football and marching for the season, you can still dress the part. Look good, stay safe, and stay aw...
  • This always happens...

    Reminder! Shirts are discounted this week. Check out the store for more info:
  • Expectations Change

    Places around the country are "cancelling" marching season as it requires large groups of people to gather in a single area. Other schools are try...
  • That's Not How It Works

    #BandHumor #ConcertBand #BadMath
  • New Shirts Available/ Alternate Shop

    It's Wednesday my dudes...New shirt designs available! Please go to for the time being, as my usual supplier is b...
  • An American Tradition

    Marching Band Drum Major...I am the marching band drum major...You gotta watch for the time signature, so just you wait!A new design coming to Shir...
  • Guardians of the Galaxy themed shirts

    Some shirt ideas in the works. Send your thoughts or opinions in the contact section!
  • Buzz Look! (Meme)